Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Abilene, Austin, & College Station

Do you provide warranty on your repairs?
All repairs come with a 60-day warranty. For more information go to:

How long does it take to repair my iPhone?
Most repairs take 15 minutes or less.

Do you have any physical stores?
To keep our prices as affordable as possible, we do not have a main physical location. We are an on-the-go service. Repairs can be conducted on-site: your office, the library, your favorite coffee shop, wherever. We also offer pick-up and delivery. That means we’ll pick up your iPhone, do the repair, and deliver it to you at a later time of your convenience.

Is there a delivery fee?
In Austin, there is a fee of $5 if you are located within a 5-mile round-trip, $10 within a 5-10 mile round-trip, and $20 for more than a 10 mile round-trip. The round-trip is calculated from the UT campus. There is also an additional parking fee for locations downtown, rates may vary.

In Abilene, there is no fee unless you are located more than 10 miles away from the Dyess Air Force Base.

In College Station, there is no fee unless you are located more than 10 miles away from the A&M campus.

We do offer free delivery / on-site fees, contact us for more details.

Do you take credit card?
Yes, however a 2.8% processing fee will be applied.

There are multiple issues with my iPhone that need to be fixed, do you offer discounts?
Yes, please contact us for a quote.

Do you repair any other cell phones besides iPhone such as Samsung Galaxy?
Unfortunately, we do not.

Do you buy or sell iPhones?
Yes. Visit the pages under the Buy an iPhone/Sell an iPhone tab

Do you offer a military discount?
Absolutely! We support our veterans, police department, and firefighters and will give 10% off the total purchase. Must show proof of ID.

Can I keep my original screen after it is repaired?
No, we keep all original screens.

I bought my own part and tried to repair my iPhone by myself; I don’t know how to fix it. Can you finish the repair for me?
Yes; however, the repair will not be covered under our 60-day warranty.